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Steps to Developing a New Habit

How long does it take to develop a new habit? The time it takes can range from a few days to years. What matters in terms of the speed of developing a news habit is dependent on the intensity of emotions that accompany decisions that alters your normal procedures. I learned to develop new habits while managing tow trucks in Kettering drivers, as I had to develop a morning routine that involved meditating, reading, exercising, working, and creating time for my loved ones.

You might be struggling for years to lose weight, then all of a sudden, a doctor gives you a command, that if you don’t lose weight immediately, you have high chances of early death – but what happens immediately? – You take a complete 360 change to your eating habits and your weight starts improving in a matter of days. The thought of death triggers a significant emotional experience.

If you are looking forward to developing new habits, here is how to go about it;


Make it small and gradual

People try to change too quickly and that may lead to frustrations and failure. The key to making a habit stick is to allow change to kick in slowly and gradually. If you would like to lose weight, no need to go heavy – just start with one push up. If you would like to get smart, just start by reading one page. To build a successful business, start by prospecting for a minute a day.


Break any big habit down

Break any big habit down to its smaller components. If you start with compounding habits, you will realize how dramatic improvements will happen. Keep your habits easy and very reasonable. If you have a goal of writing a new book for 60 minutes a day, break the 60 minutes in four 15 minute chunks and write within those chunks.


Have a strategy in place

Strategy is a word used in every plan. To formulate any new habit, you will need to have a plan. A strategy is a well thought plan that guides and helps you reach your goals. It gives you a solid structure to help you to succeed. Set up a timeline and a system of accountability that makes you more responsible. Decide on how you will reward yourself for every milestone you meet. Ensure you have in place all the required support networks to increase your chances of success.


Understand behavior is a choice

Think of behavior as a choice and a replacement happening to your life. If you are ending a bad behavior and forming a new one, expect to be faced with a lot of resistance within yourself, as your body begins to adapt to a new normal. Listen to how you feel and be ready to overcome resistance. For any challenge you face, remind yourself why you started in the first place.


Resist temptations

Good habits result from resisting temptations. You will move a step higher in your new habits is you start by removing anything that will tempt you to get back to your old self. You may need to restructure your environment and keep some people away from your sight to reach your new habit quickly. For everything you do, be accountable, and understand accountability breeds responsibility.

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