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5 Secret Ingredients to Happy Life

You might have heard many say happiness comes from within. Happiness is not a feeling or an expression of emotion. It is a practice and lifestyle. While in life we can’t avoid disappointments, pain, failure, loss, and trauma, those emotions would be classified as short term and fade within a short time, but happiness remains. We need to look for happiness from ourselves. There is no time to play blame games for our jobs, life, and responsibilities as being the root cause of a lack of happiness.

If you would like to live a happy and free life, here are the top things you need to observe.


  1. Create small pleasures

What small pleasure do you find yourself enjoying more than anything else? Think back of a time in your life when you found life so pleasurable and interesting. What were you doing then that you are not doing today? Do you enjoy spending time with family, is it that you enjoy camping or having fun with water sports? Whatever the activity is, these are the small pleasures that make life worth living and will be the basis of having a happy life.


  1. Have peace of mind

Another important ingredient to having a happy life is peace of mind. Peace of mind is the highest human good you can have. Without peace of mind, nothing else will be valuable. In life, you should strive to live in harmony with everyone and be at peace with your past, your neighbors, your community, and your life in general. At any given moment, evaluate how well you are doing in terms of having inner peace.


  1. Health and Energy

Another ingredient to a happy life is good health and energy. You will not be truly happy when your health is deteriorating. You will not be a happy person when you lack the energy needed to undertake your day to day tasks. Health and energy is your normal and natural state of physical being and should be treasured at all time.

  1. Loving relationships

Another ingredient to having a happy life is loving relationships. You need to have healthy, genuine, and loving relationships with your loved ones. Life is full of many things, but at the end of the day, what matters most is your family and your loved ones. Life may strike you off of everything you have, but if you have a family and loved ones to lean to, you will be a happy person. Nurture and treasure relationships with those who matter to your life.


  1. Financial Freedom

You will not have a full and happy life when you love by the road, can’t afford to take care of yourself, and have to beg to live to see the next day. Being financially free means you have enough money so that you don’t have to worry about life. Achieving financial freedom is one of the most important goals and responsibilities you should have in life. A feeling of financial freedom is important in defining your self-worth, setting your principles, and getting respect.

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