How to Negotiate Price: Get The Lowest Prices Possible

Would you like to pay less for a product or service you really want? Would you like to know how I get the best towing service in Jacksonville deals from providers? If your answer is yes, then stick around. There are a series of price negotiation strategies that you can use to get a better price out of every situation. If you are in sales, you probably already know how to use these tactics. So let’s dive straight in;


Use the flinch technique

No matter what the price the other person offers, the flinch technique assumes you just heard something very disappointing. Its time you put a sad look on your face and roll your eyes out of disappointment and shock. Express your disappointment that what they said is awfully a lot of money. Surprisingly, just by flinching, it will cause the other person to drop the price immediately. If the flinch technique gets you the first success, be sure to use it again and again throughout your negotiation process until you get to your desired price.


Ask key questions

During the negotiation process, ask key questions such as – “is this the best you can do”, and “can’t you do better than that”. When you ask the price and the other person gives a response, you pause, appear surprised, and even shocked. The next thing you should do is to remain perfectly silent. Should there be any flexibility in terms of pricing, the other person will drop the price immediately. You can act as if to ask what is the best they can do, should you decide to make a decision today – and because doing so creates a sense of urgency, they will be willing to drop even further.


Negotiate using assertion

In any given situation, whatever price they give you, reply by saying you can get the product cheaper somewhere else. Once you tell a seller that you can get the same product cheaper from a competitor, they will immediately soften and begin to lower the price. Telling a seller, you can get the same product cheaper somewhere else makes them start losing their confidence and opens them up for negotiations, this time round with a better price. Assertion technique demonstrated price resistance and a seller starts to lower price immediately because they think you are ready to go to competitors.


Use low balling in negotiations

If a seller asks you for $100, your lowball answer would be to say you will give $50 cash right now. Whenever you decide to offer them cash immediately, the price resistance of the other person dramatically reduces. By offering cash, you will make price drop because you are reducing inventory costs, there will be no requirements for credit card merchant fees and there is also a feeling of instant gratification. Sometimes, you will be amazed you are offering them $50 for a price of $100, and they will respond with a $60 offer. Most times, you will find that even if your lowball price seems ridiculously low, they are ready to accept your offer if you can add something on top.

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