How to Sell Value Rather Than Price

One of the most precious quotes we have in sales comes from Warren Buffet and says “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” With value selling, customers buy your product  or service because they have an anticipation of enjoying a value that they would otherwise not have in case they don’t have your product or service. I have learned and mastered the art and science of value selling while delivering towing services in Miami Beach to different clients. People don’t buy products or services. However, they buy the results the products will give them.


With value selling, you place a key focus on explaining and clearly expressing how a product works for the customer. If you put a lot of focus on value, price becomes less and less of an issue. If you do not adequately focus on value when closing a sale, the only thing you can talk about is the price.


Why value selling

Research has shown that value is the sun difference of the price you charge and all the benefits a customer perceives to get. In case a customers feel they will get a lot of value or benefit from the price they pay, then closing a sale becomes easy. You need to explain to your prospects how much they will benefit from your product or service. This is done by explaining to them all the things your product or service can help them achieve and solve their problems.


Be selective on who to sell to

You need to evaluate and pre-qualify those who are capable enough to buy your offer. Determine who is the most ideal person to buy your product immediately. You need to create a customer avatar that is based on this information. Identify their age, gender, demographics, and other factors, to ensure you minimize wasting time explaining your offers to those who won’t buy.


Identify customer problems

Once you have created a customer avatar, the next step is to identify problems your customers are facing. These will be the problems your product will aim to solve and take away the pain from your customer. If you have done a good job to identify your customers, these people will find it easy to pay you to solve their problems. Sometimes, the problem doesn’t exist for your customers, so you need to be creative.

Ensure you know the benefits of your products

The final step in value selling is listing all the benefits attached to your product or service and outlining the way it will solve your customers’ problems. The more benefits and solutions you can offer to your customers, the less they will be able to turn down your product or deny its ability to solve their problems. To stand the huge competition on the market today, your product must add value. Find creative ways to make your product irresistible, in a simple and convincing way, that is not pushy. Take a keen note of what industry leaders are doing. Take notes on their strengths and weaknesses and work on ensuring your product can offer more value.

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